CEO and Management Team


According to the Articles of Incorporation, Revenio Group Corporation shall have a President and CEO. The CEO’s task is to manage the operation of the Company in accordance with guidelines and rules laid out by the Board of Directors, and inform the Board of the development of the Company’s business operations and financial position. Additionally, the CEO is responsible for organizing the Company’s day-to-day management and to ensure that the Company’s asset management is arranged in a reliable way. The CEO is appointed by the Board of Directors, which also specifies the terms and conditions of the CEO’s employment in a written employment contract that has been approved by the Board of Directors. The contract also contains the financial benefits of the employment, such as severance pay and any other compensations. The CEO may not be elected as Chair of the Board of Directors. 

Management Team

Revenio Group's Management Team consists of the President & CEO, heads of various functions, and Managing Directors of the Group's subsidiaries. Their responsibilities are as follows: 

In contrast to the Company’s statutory governing bodies, the duties of the Management Team are operational. These include: 

  • planning and monitoring investments; 
  • preparing for and implementing corporate acquisitions; 
  • preparing strategy proposals;
  • managing and monitoring daily business operations; 
  • measures related to preparatory work for Board meetings. 

The Management Team convenes at least once a month.