The Revenio Group Corporation’s regulations and administrative code

Revenio Group Corporation (”Revenio” or ”the company”) is a Finnish public limited company. Its obligations and the responsibilities of its decision-making body are governed by Finnish law. The Revenio Group comprises the parent company Revenio Group Corporation and its subsidiaries. The company is domiciled in Vantaa.

In its decision-making and corporate governance, Revenio Group Corporation abides by the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act, other legal provisions concerning listed companies, Revenio Group Corporation’s Articles of Association, and the rules and guidelines issued by Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. The company complies with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code issued on October 1, 2015 by the Securities Market Association (”governance code”).

The full Governance Code is available at

Revenio Group Oyj’s Corporate Governance Statement was published at the company’s web page in connection with the Annual Report 2017 and it will be updated when needed.