Disclosure policy

Revenio is committed to proactive, transparent communications with all stakeholders. The company’s communications are based on facts and transparency. They are systematic, honest, impartial, and up to date. Revenio’s communications seek to provide a factual picture of the company’s operations, operating environment, strategy, targets and financial performance.

Revenio’s website, www.revenio.fi, and its press releases are the most important publication channels for information regarding the company’s operations and finances. All stakeholders have an equal opportunity to use the information provided on the website.

A separate document about Revenio’s disclosure policy describes the principles and key channels of the company’s communications.

Revenio Group Corporation’s President & CEO is responsible for investor relations.


The company publishes an annual report, financial statements, and three interim reports in Finnish and in English. Stock exchange and press releases are available on the company’s website immediately after publication. In addition to the previously mentioned releases, the company’s website also contains other material used in meetings with investors.

Quiet period

Revenio observes a quiet period, which begins 30 days before the publication of each interim report and each financial statement bulletin. During the quiet period, Revenio will not comment on its financial position, markets or outlooks. During this period, Revenio’s management will neither meet with capital market or financial media representatives, nor take a stand on matters concerning the company’s financial position or general outlooks.