Revenio is a globally successful health technology corporation

Revenio’s markets are worldwide. Our R&D centers, centers of excellence, are located in Finland and Italy. The R&D of products related to Tonometry and is done in Finland and the R&D of optical products and software in Italy. Our objective is to expand our already established status through our global distributor network and our own, strong sales channels in the United States.

Why invest into Revenio?


We use Finnish technology to improve the life expectancy and quality of life of people around the world.


Health care megatrends, such as aging populations and a global need for cost savings, support our growth targets.


We have strong evidence of the growth of net sales and our good level of profitability. We have an excellent operating profit margin.


Approximately 56 per cent of our share capital is owned by private investors and briskly traded. We always seek to remember our owners and have a history of good dividend payment performance.

Financial guidance for 2020

Revenio Group's reported net sales are estimated to grow very strongly from the previous year and profitability is to remain at a good level without non-recurring items. 


Revenio innovaatio

Key financial figures

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