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We enable efficient diagnostics of eye diseases

Revenio is a global leader in ophthalmological devices and software solutions. Revenio Group's ophthalmic diagnostic solutions include intraocular pressure (IOP) measurement devices (tonometers), retinal imaging devices, and perimeters under the iCare brand. In addition, Revenio Group’s eye care software platform Oculo combines clinical communication, telehealth, remote patient monitoring and data-analytics capabilities.



We are known for the globally renowned iCare devices for measuring intraocular pressure as well as the CenterVue range of retinal imaging devices.

Revenio is the market and technology leader in handheld tonometers for measuring intraocular pressure with its iCare product line.

iCare IC100 and iCare IC200

The iCare IC100 and IC200 are quick, reliable, accurate, and easy-to-use tonometers. Elevated eye pressure is the only risk factor of glaucoma that can be affected. Therefore, it is important to measure eye pressure. The use of the iCare tonometers does not require local anesthesia or expertise in ophthalmology. A special feature of this innovative product is that measurements can be taken when the patient is sitting, half- sitting or lying down.

iCare HOME

The iCare HOME consists of the iCare HOME device for self-measurement of eye pressure and extensive cloud-based reporting tools. With iCare HOME, the doctor gets an ample, real-time view to patient’s IOP level and fluctuations outside of office hours.



EIDON has been well received on the market, thanks to its unique confocal retinal imaging with unsurpassed true color fidelity. The wide field images and fully automated operation of the products have set new standards for the industry. The three models in the EIDON device range comprehensively cover different imaging methods.


iCare DRSplus establishes completely new standards for imaging. For instance, the device produces high-quality images through pupils significantly smaller (2–2.5 mm) than other existing, non-mydriatic fundus cameras. Another unique feature of the iCare DRSplus fundus imaging device, clearly distinguishing it from competitors, is its confocal technology. This allows imaging to be performed even on an eye with cataract or opacity in refractive media.


DRSplus is a new product that will gradually replace the DRS device. DRSplus is particularly suitable for the detection of diabetic retinopathy. The DRSplus is a confocal fundus imaging system that uses white LED illumination to produce true-color, detail-rich images, setting a new effective and efficient standard for fundus imaging. The DRSplus retinal imaging device employs the TrueColor confocal technology that was previously only available in other CenterVue products. Moreover, the diameter of the pupil being imaged may now be smaller, which increases the likelihood of successful imaging of all patients. DRSPlus is fast and fully automated.



COMPASS is an advanced perimeter launched in 2016. It provides fundus perimetry together with true-color confocal retinal images. The device improves the repeatability of visual field testing compared to the current gold standard.

iCare MAIA

MAIA microperimeter was launched in 2009 and is used for measuring the visual field. Microperimetry is a technique that combines retinal imaging and automated perimetry. MAIA is the market leader in fundus microperimetry and is used in many clinical trials to measure
the effectiveness of drugs for retinal disease treatment.



Oculo is an Australian eye care software platform, combining clinical communication, telehealth, remote patient monitoring and data analytics capabilities. The Oculo cloud-based software platform is transforming eye care by enabling and enhancing clinical collaboration, bridging disconnected data silos for sharing data and images and facilitating better and more cost-effective patient care in the eye care market.

The software related solutions are significantly enhancing the patient eye care pathway and the processes of eye care professionals.

Oculo’s forward looking approach to connecting clinical teams and bridging their electronic health records and imaging systems is unique.