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Revenio as an investment

Revenio is a health tech group operating on the international market and a global leader in ophthalmological devices. Revenio Group's ophthalmic diagnostic solutions include intraocular pressure measurement devices under the iCare brand, retinal imaging devices and perimeters. The main tools for the detection and diagnosis of glaucoma and its monitoring during treatment are intraocular pressure measurement (tonometry), retinal imaging, and visual field tests (perimetry).

We enable efficient diagnostics of eye diseases

We use Finnish technology to improve the life expectancy and quality of life of people around the world. Health care megatrends, such as aging populations and a global need for cost savings, support our growth targets.

We have strong evidence of the growth of net sales and our good level of profitability. We have an excellent operating profit margin.

More than half of our share capital is owned by private investors and briskly traded. We always seek to remember our owners and have a history of good dividend payment performance.

Competitive advantages add

Knowledge and people

  • Knowledge of the industry and global markets

  • Distribution channels

  • World-class quality products and processes


  • Research and development

  • Steady cash flow from sensor sales

  • Utilizing IP-protected Finnish inventions


  • Strong and respected iCare brand


  • Volume flexible production model

Financial position strong

  • Profitability and balance sheet

  • Shareholder value

Growth drivers add

Health care facing unprecedented global challenges

  • Population growth

  • Population aging

  • Inequality

  • Chronic diseases become more common

  • Infrastructures are incapable of treating the required numbers of patients

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