Health tech is global business

Although Revenio’s markets are global, the company retains a strong ownership base and R&D activities in Finland. Our objective is to rely on its existing products to further expand its geographic reach, while investing strongly in the development of new health technologies.

Health care facing unprecedented global challenges

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- Population growth

- Population aging

- Inequality

- Chronic diseases become more common

- Infrastructures are incapable of treating the required numbers of patients

Need for cost-effective health care

The need of preventive health care is increasing.

Innovations that are easily available everywhere in the world increase quality and productivity of health care.

Too little screening is still performed, considering the benefits that could be reaped.

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Leading products worldwide

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The Icare ic100, Icare TA01i, and Icare HOME, suitable for self-monitoring, are quick, reliable, accurate, and easy-to-use tonometers for the diagnosis and monitoring of glaucoma. The use of the Icare tonometers does not require local anesthesia or expertise in ophthalmology.

mHOME applications connects the HOME measurement device and a cloud service via a mobile application, which enables doctors to monitor the results remotely, almost in real time.

The Icare TONOVET Plus tonometer for animals is the only product on the market the operation of which is based on clinical studies conducted on different species.

The hyperspectral camera Cutica® is an easy-to-use and portable device to be developed for dermatologists to detect skin cancers and their precursors and determine their borders.

Ventica® is a measurement device to measure and register changes in the respiration of under-school-age children in particular. These measurements detect changes in respiration that are typical of asthma, helping physicians to diagnose the condition and determine the optimal medication for it.

Revenio Research

Strategic strengths

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Expertise and people

Understanding of the industry and global markets

Distribution channels

Products and processes of world-class quality


Research and development

A steady cash flow from probe sales

Utilization of IP-protected Finnish inventions


A strong and valued brand


Volume-flexible production model

Financial aspects

Profitability and balance sheet

Shareholder value

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