Principles and decision-making procedure

The objective of remuneration is to promote the implementation of Revenio’s strategy and Revenio’s long-term financial success, competitiveness, and the favorable development of shareholder value. Remuneration is the Company’s key incentive and a tool to commit key employees to the Company. Remuneration also plays a key role in ensuring competitive recruitment for the Company. The Company’s current strategy is a growth strategy, which the Company seeks to take into account in the methods and conditions of remuneration.

The Company’s objective is fair and encouraging remuneration at all organizational levels, which is why the Company’s employee salary and remuneration terms are also taken into consideration when deciding on the remuneration of governing bodies.

Remuneration decision-making process

Statutory governing bodies are the Annual General Meeting, Board of Directors, and President & CEO, and Deputy President & CEO. The statutory governing bodies are supported by the Company’s Chief Financial Officer. The Company may also have committees appointed by the Board of Directors. 

The remunerations paid to the Board of Directors are decided by the Annual General Meeting. The Board prepares the remuneration proposal for the Annual General Meeting. The board of directors may appoint one or more of its members or nominate a committee to investigate the justifications for proposed performance-based pay systems and other benefits and to coordinate the use of possible outside experts. The company periodically assesses the competitiveness of the company’s remuneration in relation to other international listed companies with a similar market value.